Beatle by the Bay

July 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Paul McCartneyWe did not intend to go to the concert last Saturday night. We didn’t even remember that Paul McCartney was playing until someone reminded us. But we live just a few blocks from AT&T Park, so we walked over there Saturday afternoon to see all the setup activities.

At 1:00 the t-shirt vendors were already doing business, and people were starting to mill about the stadium. We also heard the band warming up, and they were playing Let It Be. Let It Be! By the Beatles!

I’ve never been a big Beatles fan, but their songs are permanently interwoven into the fabric of my life. My older brother was a huge fan and had all their albums when we were growing up in the 70’s. Truth be told, I was a little frightened as a young teen by some of their more psychedelic songs, like I Am the Walrus. But I love some of their gentler songs, like Golden Slumbers, and one of the most beautiful songs ever written, Yesterday.

So when I got home, I looked for tickets online and found some at $99 each. Being careful of where we spend our concert budget dollars, and again, not being rabid fans, hubby and I decided that we would wander over to the stadium around the time the concert was supposed to start and see if we could listened to the concert from outside the park. And maybe, if someone was selling tickets for real cheap, we might consider attending.

$100 later, we had two tickets, and four hours after that, after the three-hour concert–with three encores–we left the stadium SO happy we had made the investment. Somewhere between the rousing singalong sessions of Give Peace a Chance and Hey Jude, and the surprise fireworks display during Live and Let Die, it sunk in that we were witnessing a legend at work.

Some other highlights:

  • Paul McCartney looked and sounded great. His voice has not gotten gravely with age, and he looks as trim and fit as he always has. He moves like someone half of his 67 years. He was also funny, charming, humble, and surprisingly likeable.
  • He is an amazingly diverse musician. I lost count of how many different instruments he played–but it included many guitar variations, two different pianos, a mandolin, and a ukulele.
  • His band was awesome, although he never introduced them by name. The drummer was especially entertaining.
  • The 39-song set list, as detailed in this review. It just kept getting better and better.
  • He told stories about many of the songs he was performing. My favorite was how the band wrote Blackbird while in England during the 60s as a gesture of solidarity after hearing about the unrest in Arkansas during the civil rights movement. Wow. He then performed the song, which is already a beautiful song, but it took on a powerful new meaning.
  • The perfect ending:

And In The End, The Love You Take, Is Equal To the Love You Make

Definitely ranks right up there among the top five concerts I’ve ever seen.


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