Chicken and What?

July 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

I live in a neighborhood that is full of surprises.

Shortly after we moved from Palo Alto to San Francisco in March, we were out for a walk and noticed people were lining up in a nearby alley. Other people were sitting at the loading dock across the street eating something.

Chicken eaters

Since there are an abundance of homeless people around, at first we thought it must be a soup kitchen. But these were particularly well-dressed homeless folks.

We went to see what was going on and discovered a nearly hidden little window housing farmerbrown’s little skillet, the wildly popular chicken and waffles restaurant.

farmerbrowns little skillet chicken and waffles

Well, it’s not exactly a restaurant, as it does not have any tables or chairs. It actually does not even have a room that you enter. You just order through a window in the brick wall and then take your food to eat across the street. Sort of like an ice cream truck, only with no truck. Or ice cream.


We had never heard of chicken and waffles before. Apparently it is a soul food that originated in the deep south. The trend has slowly made its way across the country, finally landing in San Francisco, around the corner from my loft.

They definitely do not have chicken and waffles in Palo Alto. But I’m finding out that San Francisco is manic about cutting-edge food trends, so it’s not surprising to discover soul food in the heart of SOMA.

Can’t wait to see what else I’ll discover around the next corner.


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