These Are the People in My Neighborhood

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I live on Bluxome Street in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Bluxome Street stretches for just two blocks between Fourth and Sixth Streets and is sandwiched between Brannan and Townsend Streets. This tiny little ‘hood contains a mix of both new and old converted warehouse buildings hosting mostly high-density residential apartments and lofts. But tucked here and there among them is an ecclectic mix of businesses and services.


One of them is a winery that just opened up. Yes, a winery. On my mostly residential block. Pinch me, please!

We talked to the owner of Bluxome Street Winery the week before they opened. He said their first wines will be ready in the spring of 2011. You’ll find me outside with my empty wine glass waiting for the tasting room to open.


Almost directly across the street from our building is our neighborhood fire station. The firefighters who work there are the most friendly, funny, down-to-earth people I’ve met so far in San Francisco. Not to mention good looking. (Hey, who doesn’t love a firefighter in uniform?)

During the 1989 earthquake, part of a building collapsed at 6th and Bluxome, killing five people. The heroes at Bluxome Street’s Station #8 were on the scene in moments to help rescue the survivors. It’s very comforting having these guys as neighbors, despite the frequent sirens that have become a part of our urban soundscape.

Recently some of these new neighbors came to my rescue when I accidentally tripped an old man with my dog’s leash and he crashed to the sidewalk face first. More about that and some of the other near-disasters we’ve experienced since our move to the city in another entry.


Babylon Burning Screen Printing wins the prize for best business name, as well as best entry way, on our street. They’ve been in business since 1976 providing services to businesses such as Bay Area beauty and skin-care mavens Bare Escentuals; the oh-so cool urban attire and gear manufacturer, Chrome, which also has a retail store around the corner on Fourth Street; and 826 (Valencia and National), a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to “supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills, and helping teachers get their students excited about the writing.”

There’s also a clay studio on our street, where you can take classes to learn how to throw pottery, but the owner was really grumpy the few times I tried to wander in to see what was up in there or to take a picture, so I can’t really say much about that establishment except that it looks like an interesting place.

As in many neighborhoods, our neighbors come in all flavors.

Google street view of Bluxome Street



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