Nuvo, Where Have You Been All My Life?

September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

So, daughter #2 and I were shopping at Costco for liquor the other day.

What? So, there’s no chapter in the parenting books about teaching your kids how to shop for booze–where do you want them to learn it from– Boardwalk Empire?

Somewhere in the middle of the massive alcoholic playground stacks, we saw the cutest pink bottle you’ve ever seen.


My daughter was all “Oh, I’ve heard of that, it’s supposed to be really good, we should try it!” Only not in those exact words. What she said included the word “bomb” or “sick” or some other young-person-speak that I can’t remember.

At any rate, it was VERY pink, which was a little frightening, but it said “sparkling” on it, which means it must be good, so I bought it.

We immediately went home and popped it open, poured it into some martini glasses with ice, marveled at the incredible pinkness of it, and took a sip.

Nuvo-martini-glassThat’s when the angels started singing.

I’d always heard about angels singing but had never really experienced it before. Not when I won the 6th-grade spelling bee. Not when I finally got up on a single waterski after two years of trying. Not on my wedding day or when I had either of my kids. Not even when I bought my mid-life crisis convertible.

The incredible mix of flavors in this drink, of fruit and wine and vodka and some kind of sparkling fairy magic, is indescribable. Even though I just described it.

Trust me, you simply MUST try it. I make everyone who comes to my house try it. (Beware if you are coming over with kids.) It’s like fizzy wine candy. And it makes you really drunk, really fast. It’s something like 150% alcohol. You could probably light it on fire. But don’t! It’s meant to be served cold. In fact, I keep in the freezer–oh ice-cold deliciousness–just perfect on a hot Indian summer afternoon. (Or morning, if it’s one of those scorchers where it’s 80 degrees by 9 a.m. )

It wasn’t until later that I read up online and saw that Nuvo is  described as a “sparkling vodka liqueur.” Which means I don’t think you’re supposed to drink a whole martini glass full of it. It’s very sweet, so you have to sip it slowly. But damn is it good.

I actually had to look up how to spell “liqueur.” Yes, I’m an editor, but let me let you in on a little secret: I don’t know everything off the top of my head. (In fact, I don’t know the top of my head from the bottom of my head, especially after a glass  of Nuvo.)

Wait, that wasn’t my point.

Oh yeah, people think that editors have these encyclopedic minds, but really we just know where to find information. If I don’t know how to spell something, I just type it into my Google search window, and the suggested terms that appear confirm my spelling or provide a correction. Takes just seconds. But while confirming the spelling for “liqueur” I also looked at the Wikipedia list of liqueurs. There are so many that I never knew existed! Check these out:

  • Liqueur made from potatoes and berries and citrus fruit
  • Chai tea-flavored liqueur
  • Lavender liqueur
  • Matcha tea and lemongrass liqueur

So many liqueurs, so little time.

But they have Nuvo at Costco. And if they don’t have it at Costco, I don’t own it, so to the Costco buyer who decided to carry this Nirvana in a bottle, THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! YOU ROCK!

Next week, maybe I’ll try Strega, made with mint, fennel, saffron, and a bunch of other herbs. Yummy!


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